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Social security in the English-Speaking Caribbean

The study is the result of a comprehensive research effort initiated by the Interamerican Conference on Social Security (CISS). It represents an unenviable attempt to gather and put together information on the basic characteristics of Social Security Schemes (SSS) in the Caribbean. It follows upon a similar undertaking for the Latin American countries.

The stages in the evolution of the schemes from informal to formalised organisations from-friendly societies and mutual funds, to provident funds, then social security schemes/national insurance schemes - are outlined. According to the findings, in all cases, provision is made for the basic social insurance benefits (including sickness, maternity and retirement). Of note however, is that in at least one (1) country (Jamaica), only limited coverage is provided for maternity. In other cases, employment injury is not yet covered by the social insurance/social security schemes and unemployment insurance as a social security undertaking is not prevalent in the Caribbean. It nnay well be that the latter is yet another reflection of the wider environment impacting upon and/or moulding the social security schemes in the region. Here we call to mind the general struggle with the issue of unemployment.

Autor: Delgado Izazola, Ana Luz
Fecha de publicación: 1995
Idioma Inglés
Formato: PDF
Disponible en: Acervo Digital Institucional (ADISS)
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Serie: Monographic Series ; 19

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