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Current pension systems evolution

The compilation presented here was structured in such a way that the reader had in the foreground an idea of what the problematic about pensions represent in the Latin American region, as well as an international panorama regarding the pension systems, which expose in form Dr. Álvaro Castro Gutiérrez and Mr. Olga Palmero Zilvetti in their respective interventions.

Once the global vision on the subject was presented, we continued with the analysis of particular cases and national experiences that allowed us to identify first the state of the different systems and then to present the answers given by the governments to solve the problems that in This field is presented and in most of the experiences is common.

Autores: Castro Gutiérrez, Alvaro
Cuadra Palafox, Miguel Angel
López Blanco, Pablo
Palmero Zilveti, Olga
Peñate Rivero, Orlando
Starck Aguilera, Nicolás
Thompson, Lawrence H.
Valls Hernández, Sergio
Fecha de publicación: 1995
Idioma Español
Formato: PDF
Disponible en: Acervo Digital Institucional (ADISS)
Catálogo de Biblioteca del CIESS
Serie: Estudios ; 22

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